The Laser Feline Declaw procedure includes:

  • Presurgical examination
  • Pre-anesthetic blood work
  • Pre-anesthetic assessment
  • Pre-anesthetic sedation
  • Pre-anesthetic pain medication
  • Pre-operative antibiotic injection
  • IV catheterization
  • IV fluids
  • Precision IV infusion pump
  • Anesthesia isoflurane
  • Electronic monitoring of vital signs
  • Anesthesia monitor – Electrocardiogram
  • Anesthesia monitor – Pulse oximetry
  • Anesthesia monitor – C02 measurement
  • Anesthesia monitor – Blood pressure
  • Separate (redundant) respiratory monitors to provide an additional auditory determination
  • Surgical assistant
  • Local anesthetic nerve blocks
  • Surgery – Laser Feline Declaw
  • Post operative pain injection
  • Post operative anit-inflammatory injection
  • Post operative phone call to owner from doctor
  • Patient recovery and nursing care overnight
  • Patient surgery discharge to owner and communication with doctor, 24 hours post operative
  • Oral pain medication for 5 days to go home
  • E-collar to go home to prevent licking of paws
  • Post operative phone call from nurse 1 day after patient arrives home
  • FREE medical progress examination with doctor in 14 days

Expect More!

In addition to the above items and in order to help you compare  below are just a few of the additional items that Anasazi Animal Clinic includes. Many veterinary clinics do not provide or include these in their quoted prices:

  • DO NOT provide a FREE Presurgical Examination with a veterinarian to examine the patient and answer all your questions.
  • DO NOT include preanesthetic bloodwork – extra fee.
  • DO NOT include IV catheter and IV fluids – extra fee.
  • DO NOT include post operative pain injection – extra fee.
  • DO NOT include post operative pain & anit-inflammatory injection – extra fee.
  • DO NOT include pre-operative antibiotic injection – extra fee.
  • DO NOT provide a patient discharge with a veterinarian – i.e. you will not see the doctor at discharge.
  • DO NOT include a FREE Medical Progress Exam with a veterinarian in 14 days.

If you are shopping for prices, be sure to ask the other veterinary clinics if they provide and include ALL of the above items (both lists) in their quoted prices or you are not comparing apples to apples. Feel free to call us and discuss the information received from other veterinary clinics. We are happy to help with the comparison and point out the differences.

Please call us today to schedule a Free Presurgical Examination with an Anasazi veterinarian and get all your questions answered.