When animal boarding is needed for your pet, it can be a very stressful time for both pet and owner. Our furry friends are just like us – they like the comfort of familiar surroundings, in the company of loved ones. And as owners, we want to make sure our pets are looked after properly.

But sometimes, animal boarding is unavoidable. You may have a business trip or family vacation planned that does not allow you to bring your pet along. When you do need animal boarding, our staff at Anasazi Animal Clinic wants you to know that we understand. We are pet owners, too, and understand how you feel.

One of the best ways you can prepare for animal boarding is to make sure you think about everything your pet needs and communicate those needs to those caring for your beloved animal. Of course, before you even require animal boarding, it is wise to do your research. You don’t want to scramble to find a location at the last minute.

The first step in your search is to ask your veterinarian if they provide boarding. At Anasazi Animal Clinic, our animal boarding area has been designed to offer your pets a safe, comfortable home away from home. One of the best features that we offer is having a veterinarian on staff six days a week, with on-call options on the seventh. This gives you peace of mind and your pets a familiar face throughout their stay.

As we mentioned, it’s best to plan before you even have the need for animal boarding. So, when you do have to travel, you have everything ready to go. This includes having a list of what you need to bring. Depending upon your pet and his needs, this list can be long or short. Here are some things to consider:

  • Remember to think first of any medications your pet needs. Make a list of days, times and doses to give the boarding staff.
  • Also remember to include your pet’s food. Many boarding facilities, including ours, have food we can provide, however it’s always best to bring what they are used to.
  • And finally, bring their favorite toy, blanket or other bedding. It’s helpful to bring something your four-legged family member needs to feel safe and comfortable while you’re away.

At Anasazi Animal Clinic, we know pets can get stressed when they are away from mom and dad. That’s why we focus our boarding efforts on comfort. We treat your pets as if they were our own, and that means making sure our staff visits them and provides loving reassurance throughout their stay.

If you’re interested in learning more about animal boarding at Anasazi Animal Clinic, give us a call. We’ll give you a tour of our boarding area and walk you through your pet’s stay with us. We’ll do everything we can to provide comfort to both you and your furry family member.