If your pet needs boarding service over the holidays, or any time of year, consider Anasazi Animal Clinic. Our pet parents and their pets can rest easy knowing we have a veterinarian on staff six days out of the week. And on Sundays, if a medial situation arises, our staff can contact a veterinarian for immediate attention.

Caring for your pet while you’re away is our priority. We make every effort to make your pet feel welcomed and happy. While we have bedding and towels for your pet, we always recommend you bring whatever your pet is most comfortable with. It might be a bed or a blanket or toys. Whatever will make them feel more like they are at home and less like they are at a boarding facility.

You should also plan to bring enough food and snacks for your pet’s stay. Just like a blanket and toys are for the dog’s emotional well-being, so is consistency in food for their stomach. If pets switch food they can have stomach irritation, gas and loose stools, which can lead to an unpleasant stay for your furry friend. Like you, we want your pets to enjoy their stay with no unnecessary issues, but with lots of love.

While we can’t replace a hug from mom or dad, our staff certainly tries to give your pets lots of love and attention. We place a lot of emphasis on one-on-one time with your pets. We also make sure the boarding area is clean and free of unpleasant odors. All of these things combine to make sure your pet has the best stay possible while you’re away.

When boarding your pet, it’s important that you know your pet’s personality and behaviors. Having this information ahead of time will help us understand your pet’s special needs and care for them accordingly.

If you would like to tour our boarding area or have questions about boarding service in general, contact us. Our caring and professional team wants to make sure both you and your pet are at ease when you have to travel.