Deciding what to do with your pets while you go on vacation can be stressful. We offer comprehensive services to put your mind at ease about boarding your pets in Gilbert with Anasazi Animal Clinic. We provide affordable, comfortable, safe pet care in Gilbert for your cats and dogs while you are away.

Why You Should Board Your Pet With Anasazi Animal Clinic

    • Your pet will have access to a vet 6 days a week. If your pet needs medical attention on Sunday, it can also be arranged. That is not the case at most boarding facilities.
    • Boarding your pets with us is easier! If your pet is a patient with us, we already have his/her medical and vaccination records on file. So this is one less step for you to make in your busy preparations to get away.
    • Your pet will get individualized attention. It is important to us that your pet enjoys his or her stay, and our caring staff members love playing with our furry guests.
    • We work hard to keep the boarding area clean. A clean, fresh environment is crucial to an enjoyable stay.
    • We have a separate boarding room for cats. We know that cats like to have their own space. And we give them time out of the kennel with access to a scratching post and towers to climb!
    • Your pet’s comfort is our top priority. We provide towels, blankets, and beds to ensure your pet has a comfortable stay. Of course, you are more than welcome to bring any of your pet’s personal items to make them even more comfortable.


How to Prepare for Your Pet’s Stay With Us

    • Make sure vaccinations are up to date. It is important for the safety of all our animals that your pet’s vaccinations are current. Schedule an appointment with us ahead of time if they need to be updated.
    • Bring your pet’s food. If necessary, we do provide food for your convenience. But we’ve found that when owners supply the food their pet is accustomed to eating, it can help normalize the pet’s routine in a new environment and help avoid stomach upset that can come with introducing a new food. If you do choose to bring your pet’s food, please be sure to provide enough to last for the duration of their stay with us, along with feeding instructions.
    • Bring your pet’s personal items. Bringing your pet’s favorite toys or bedding will help ease their transition with us while you are away. Be sure to bring collars, leashes, and harnesses to keep your pet safe. Here are some additional ideas of what to bring to keep your pets comfortable during their stay with us.
    • Bring any medications for your pet. Because we are a veterinary clinic, you can trust us to expertly administer medications and/or supplements to your cat or dog.
    • Say goodbye quickly. The calmer you are, the calmer your pet will be when it’s time to say goodbye. Once you leave, your pets will probably be having so much fun playing with their furry friends, they won’t have time to worry about your absence. If you have anxiety about leaving your pet, be sure to read this.


We are confident that your pets will enjoy their stay with us. Contact us today about boarding your pets in Gilbert with Anasazi Animal Clinic for your next vacation!


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