When you need cat boarding for your furry feline friend, look no further than Anasazi Animal Clinic. If your pet isn’t already one of our patients, don’t’ worry. We provide boarding for all pets and it’s a great way to introduce you and your pet to our caring staff. To give you an idea of what boarding is like in our facility, we’ve provided a quick look at cat boarding below:

  • It’s not a myth that cats can be particular. From what they eat to where they sleep, cats like things the way they like them. And any pet parent who has a cat knows that’s just the way it is. Because cats are so individual in their needs, our cat boarding room is separate from our canine area. This is a comfortable, safe area where your cat can climb and even enjoy a scratch on the scratch tower. If the room is booked, your cat can still enjoy time each day out of its kennel to scratch and climb in the cat room.
  • We pride ourselves in doing for your pet what we’d want done for our own. That means we provide as much one-on-one attention throughout the day as we can. We want your pet to feel comfortable and well loved.
  • To keep your pet comfortable, we have towels, blankets and beds. However it’s always much more reassuring for your pet to have something familiar to them, so we encourage you to bring their favorite forms of comfort. Whether it’s a bed, blanket, or even one of your t-shirts, this will surround them with the familiar scents of home.
  • When it’s time to eat, we’ll feed them their regular food brought by you. This is recommended to keep them on a consistent diet, but we can provide food if you forget to bring theirs from home.
  • And when you’re away you can rest easy knowing our medical staff is available six-day-a-week, and on call on Sundays.

If you’re interested in learning more about our cat boarding facility, contact us. We’d be happy to show you around our facility so you can see where your furry friends will stay. And we’ll introduce you to our staff. Because we’d want the same safe and caring experience for our pet.