You love your spunky, independent, feline friend. You picked a cat for a pet because they require only minimal amounts of attention to remain content. Sure you cuddle up and spend time together, but while you are gone, your cat doesn’t mind. Now you have to leave on a trip for an extended period. You can’t leave your animal home alone for that long. Instead of relying of friends and family to take care of your kitty, discover what the benefits of cat boarding with Anasazi Animal Clinic are.

When you bring your cat to Anasazi Animal Clinic for an extended stay, you can leave with peace of mind knowing that they will be properly cared for. While with us for cat boarding, your cat will get all the medical, personal, and daily care required to keep them happy and healthy. We have a veterinarian on staff 6 days a week and one always available to speak with our staff on Sundays if needed. At Anasazi Animal Clinic, we give your cat the personal attention they need each day. We will spend time playing, feeding, and caring for your cat so that they can stay in their normal routine.

Your cat will be housed in a separate area from the dogs so that he or she can fully relax. They will be able to see out and stay involved with what’s going on. If the dogs gets too loud, we can close the door and give your animal peace. When possible, your kitty will have socialization and play time with the other cats when we let them out of their kennels to play. They will have access to scratching poles and climbing toys so that they can get exercise. If your cat is not social, we will make sure they get some alone time when we regularly rotate the cats that would rather be alone.

With all the benefits of cat boarding offered by the experienced and dedicated staff at Anasazi Animal Clinic, you can be sure you are making the right choice leaving them with us. Get in touch with our friendly staff today at 480-497-0505 to schedule your pet’s stay with us.