Are you heading out of town for business or a vacation? You would love to take your animal with you, however, where you are going, pets are not allowed. You have to make the trip and stressing out about what you are going to do with your beloved four-legged friend is common. Instead of going into a panic, discover all that the professionals from Anasazi Animal Clinic have to offer. Conveniently located, our Gilbert dog boarding facility is definitely a place where you can feel comfortable about leaving your beloved pet.

When you’re looking for a Gilbert dog boarding service, you want to make sure all of your pet’s needs are met. At Anasazi, we have everything your animal is going to require while you are away. We provide the towels, blankets, and beds so that your animal stays comfortable. If your dog has a special toy, you are more than welcome to bring it along. We also encourage you to bring the food that your pet is used to eating from home.

At Anasazi Animal Clinic, we not only want to make sure that your dog is comfortable, we also want to be sure that they are safe. Along with providing all the basic essentials, we also have a veterinarian on staff 6 days a week. When you use our Gilbert dog boarding services, your animal with have access to the best care no matter when they are here. We can always contact the doctor on Sundays as needed.

If you’ve never left your dog before, you may be worried about leaving your pet with someone else. The truth is, there are many benefits of pet boarding. Not only are you going to have peace of mind that our caring staff at Anasazi Animal Clinic is watching over your dog, your dog can also have a little fun. If you like, they can be socialized with other animals while at our Gilbert dog boarding facility. We can definitely keep them entertained! That way, you can go away on your trip knowing that your animal is well taken care of.

For more information about our Gilbert dog boarding services, please call us at Anasazi Animal Clinic. And, for those of you with cats, we also board them, too!