Long nails can be troublesome when typing, working, dancing, or just having fun. If long nails are cumbersome for us it can also be troublesome for our pets. Anasazi Animal Hospital serves Mesa, Chandler, and Gilbert where we understand the difficulties your pet’s face. We want to ensure we give them the best pet care possible. Helping pets is what we continually strive to excel at and taking care of their claws can be a part of that process.

Reasons for Declawing

Outside of scratched furniture and torn up items there are many other reasons people choose to declaw their pets. For cats, for instance, declawing can be medically beneficial if the claw is damaged beyond repair or if it has a tumor. This procedure will then allow your cat to have a safer, less painful, and longer life. Another reason for declawing can be if you, as the owner, have health issues such as suppressed immune system or are in need of blood thinners. In these circumstances you do not want to be exposed to the bacteria in a cat’s claws. Additionally you’ll have to be extra careful not to get scratched if you have thinner blood.

Laser Declaw Procedure

Whatever the reason for declawing, one of the most efficient declawing procedures is performed with a laser. Laser declaw has several benefits. The procedure includes removing the claw from your animal’s paw, as well as the bone, in order to avoid regrowth of the claw. Laser surgery allows for the incisions to be cauterized immediately to decrease bleeding and it minimizes the need for bandages after surgery. With the use of a laser during the declaw procedures, cats are able to recover faster with less pain. Faster recovery is possible due to the laser sealing the nerve endings during the procedure. Laser declaw procedures allow for a safer, faster, and less painful recovery.

Anasazi Animal Hospital believes in providing the best services with the most efficient results. We know that your pet is a part of your family and we want to treat them with the utmost care.
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