From pet boarding to pet vaccines to pet nutrition, our caring and experienced team at Anasazi Animal Clinic will help you make sure your pet’s wellness is a top priority. One of the most asked questions we hear from our pet parents is about diet.

When it comes to finding the right food for your pet, it’s not always so easy. Just like humans, pets can be born with or develop food allergies. This means your pet might have symptoms such as diarrhea or throwing up after eating their regular dog food. If your pet is having any symptoms after eating, our team will conduct a wellness exam to rule out any other health issues. Once that has been done, we can take a look at possible food allergies.

There are some tests that can help you determine specific allergies but one of the best ways is to introduce foods one at a time and see if anything causes a reaction. And when it comes to food choices, you have many. There are prescription diets your veterinarian can provide that will help stabilize your pet’s system.

Some pet owners wonder about whether a raw diet is right for their animal. We can give you more specifics on this diet, and many others, but in general, we do not recommend raw diets as they do not provide the best nutrition and they can actually be dangerous to their health. If you aren’t sure which diet is best for your pet, please contact us. We’ll help you choose the best diet plan tailored for your pet’s specific needs.

Once you find a diet that works for your pet, it’s important to be consistent with it. This means limiting the amount of human food your pet gets. However if your pet has no reaction to them, it’s OK to supplement the diet with vegetables. Keep in mind, pets can also have allergies to vegetables, like peas, so keep an eye out for unusual symptoms.

If you use pet boarding when you travel, it’s also important to bring your pet’s food to the pet boarding facility. Especially if it’s a specific, specialized diet. Bringing your pet’s normal food will keep your furry friend’s system regular while you’re away.

If you’re looking for a compassionate veterinary team that offers everything from pet boarding to nutrition and beyond, call us. At Anasazi Animal Clinic, your pet is our pet and you’ll see that exhibited each time you visit us.