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At Anasazi Animal Clinic, your vet in Gilbert, Arizona, we pride ourselves on having respectful, caring interactions with our clients and their pets. We all have our own pets that we adore, and we will do everything we can to ensure that your furry babies are taken care of with the greatest compassion and with the latest technology. After your visit, we want you to feel a sense of belonging, understanding and respect. It’s important that you know that you and your pet are special to us. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your lives.

Affordable Health Care

Affordable Health Care

• Competitive Pricing • Discount Health Plans • Financing Available (CareCredit)

Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

• Co2 Laser Surgery • Specialized Dentistry • State-of-the-Art Diagnostics

Comprehensive Care

Comprehensive Care

• Vaccinations • Surgical Services • Routine Wellness Exams


We Stay Up-To-Date

We believe it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest information and techniques, allowing us to provide the utmost in care for your pets.

In-House Blood Work

In-House Blood Work

By providing in-house blood work, we are able to obtain your pet’s test results in a timely manner.

Tailored To You

We understand that caring for your pet can be expensive. We work with you and your budget to provide your pet with the best possible care options.

Preventative Care

Schedule an appointment today to learn how preventative care can add years to your pet’s life and reduce the total healthcare cost throughout his or her life.

My dog Jimmy went in to get his teeth cleaned and also had a baby tooth pulled out. The staff at Anasazi Animal Clinic  were so nice and friendly. They were very prepared and gave me everything I need to care for my dog after the surgery. I am so happy with my experience here!

Morgan Stradling

Gilbert, AZ

This is the BEST clinic in all the world. I would not go anywhere else. All the staff is right there to assist and make sure you and your pet is well taken care of.

Karen & Ed Fabritiis...and Max, Milo, Harriet, Zia and Casi.

Gilbert, AZ

Everyone with whom we visited at Anasazi these past two days was very welcoming, knowledgeable, and comforting. We have been taking our cats to this clinic for the past 25 years. All throughout that time, our precious pets have received high-quality care. Dr. Lee, Michelle, Steve, and Anita handled our latest cat visit/procedure in a very kind, thorough, and professional manner. Thank you, Anasazi, for all you have done for us!

Catherine Pletchette and Rob Lampman

Gilbert, AZ

Everyone was wonderful they all truly cared about me and my dog. It is my first dog and they where all so nice to answer any and all questions I had.

Chelsea Munsterman

Gilbert, AZ

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