National Check the Chip Day was August 15th, so we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to talk about microchipping your pet! Very few lost pets that are turned into shelters without microchips are reunited with their owners. However, when a pet is microchipped, the chances of a happy ending are significantly higher! A quick, minor procedure could help reunite you and your dog or cat should they ever go missing. At Anasazi Animal Clinic in Gilbert, the health and safety of your pets is our number one priority—so we’ve compiled this list of important reasons to microchip your pet in Gilbert. 

Lost and Found 

Of course, the main reason to microchip your pet is because the chip links your pet directly to you. In the event that your pet gets lost, their microchip will provide your name and contact information so that you can be reunited with your beloved pet quickly. It is important to keep your pet’s microchip updated with your most current contact information. If your pet was microchipped before you adopted her, have a vet check to make sure the chip is still in place. All of this will increase the likelihood that your pet will be reunited with you in the event that she gets lost. 

Microchips Last

Traditional methods of pet identification like ID collars and tags can be removed, fall off, wear out, and become unreadable over time. While these are great for quick identification, they should only supplement your pet’s microchip. A microchip adds an enormous measure of security regarding the identification of your pet, and it will remain under your pet’s skin for her entire lifetime.

Microchips are Affordable 

The microchipping procedure is no more painful for your pet than a regular vaccination, and it comes at a low cost to you. Microchipping typically costs between $25-$50, with no monthly fee. This is very affordable considering the safety and security it will provide over your pet’s lifetime.

Peace of Mind 

Pet owners who have microchipped their pets can have peace of mind knowing their pet is linked to them no matter what happens. Unforeseen events can happen to even the most responsible pet parents, and a pet can be lost in a matter of moments. Thousands of lost pets are taken to shelters each year, and only about 15% of those lost pets are returned home. Those who are returned are typically located due to their microchip. In the case that your pet accidentally pulls out of her collar, your contact information is still accessible. She can run freely along an off-leash hiking trail, and you can rest easy knowing she is safe. In the event that someone steals and tries to sell your pet, she can be easily traced back to you. The peace of mind you will enjoy once your pet is microchipped is priceless.

Contact us Today! 

If your pet isn’t microchipped, and you’re looking for a vet to microchip your pet in Gilbert or the surrounding areas, give us a call. As loving pet owners ourselves, our team at Anasazi Animal Clinic believes this is one of the most important things you can do to keep your pet safe. Don’t waste any time making sure your pet is protected! 

Image by María Fernanda Pérez from Pixabay