Just like kids, your puppy can get bored if she doesn’t have enough to do. She craves exercise and mental stimulation. If she isn’t getting enough, she will find other ways to entertain herself – most likely by doing something you wish she wouldn’t, like digging in your lawn or chewing your furniture. At Anasazi Animal Clinic in Gilbert, we want to share with you some different ways to keep your puppy entertained, to ensure that both you and she will be happier!

Soothing Chewy Treats

Chewy treats can curb boredom and teach your puppy to enjoy being alone. Chew-treats are constructive work for a puppy and allow them to self-soothe when they are bored. Not all chew treats are created equal, however! Make sure to choose treats that are the appropriate size for your puppy. If the treat can fit entirely in her mouth, it is a choking hazard. Wooden sticks and some bones can splinter, creating a sharp choking hazard for your puppy. Better alternatives include:

  •  Beef bully sticks
  •  Lamb tracheas
  •  Turkey tendons

These fully edible chew-treats are generally safe for puppies and can keep them happily busy for long periods of time.

Brain-Teasing Toys 

Mentally challenging toys can keep your puppy busy and can strengthen her brain power! A simple Kong® filled with peanut butter can stimulate your puppy’s mind and create a fun project for her to tackle. A lighter option is a Kong filled with canned organic pumpkin. Put the entire filled Kong in the freezer for an hour, then watch your puppy work for that healthy vegetable treat! You will also find a huge selection of interactive food-dispensing toys for puppies on the market. These toys create an exciting mental challenge for the puppy and dispense food or treats as she masters that challenge.

Grooming Fun 

Most puppies love a good grooming session because they get loads of attention and care on their way to feeling fresh! Who doesn’t love to be pampered? Grooming sessions are fun for puppies and curb boredom, while keeping their fur, teeth, and nails clean and trim. You can entertain your puppy by:

  •  Bathing her in a warm bath
  •  Trimming her nails
  •  Brushing her teeth

Each of these actions entertains and pampers your puppy while keeping her clean and healthy!

Moderate Exercise 

An active puppy is a healthy puppy! Exercise keeps your puppy happy and occupied, while encouraging a healthy weight, building muscle, and contributing to cardiovascular health. Though puppies require much less exercise than adult dogs, every puppy should have at least one to two walks each day. Playing fetch is another great source of exercise, but make sure to watch for your puppy’s exercise limits. If she lies down or walks away from the game of fetch, it is best to respect her limits. Forced and excessive exercising can result in lifelong health problems for your puppy.

Obedience Training Basics 

Many people may assume puppies don’t enjoy obedience training, but nothing could be further from the truth. Obedience training is one of the best ways to keep your puppy entertained! Puppies love learning new skills! Obedience training keeps a puppy active and mentally stimulated. Obedience training basics can be learned online or in puppy obedience classes, and further follow-up work can be done with your puppy at home to train her and sharpen her social skills. Investing in your puppy’s training will benefit her throughout her lifetime.

Give us a Call!

We hope these ways to keep your puppy entertained will be useful in your puppy’s transition to her new home! And of course, keeping her healthy is just as important. If you have a new puppy or are planning to bring one home soon, be sure to bring her in to Anasazi Animal Clinic for her initial puppy exam and vaccinations. We look forward to meeting the new addition to your family! 

Image by Chiemsee2016 from Pixabay