What’s better than having one dog? Well, having two, of course! But we understand that not every household is ready for the combined energy of two or more furry companions. If your home and family can accommodate large breed, then you may want to look at the amount of dog in your life rather than the number of dogs in your life.

These big dog breeds are among the largest in the world and make great pets for any dog lovers out there who just can’t get enough of man’s best friend.


Great Dane

Great Dane’s may be intimidating in size, but these large fur balls are known for being friendly, patient and dependable, making them great companions. This powerful breed’s energy means that owners should consider the strength it will require to walk and care for them on a daily basis.


According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), males of this breed weigh 140-175 pounds on average and can stand around 30-32 inches tall at the shoulder.



Massive may be the word that comes to mind when you hear the name of this breed. The Mastiff is another friendly giant who makes for a great home pet if you can house one. There are several breeds of mastiffs but today we’ll be looking at the English Mastiff.


Males of this breed can grow to be 160 to 230 pounds on average. That’s a lot of dog! These giants are good-natured, but standing at over 30 inches tall, they can be a literal force to be reckoned with.


Saint Bernard

The movie Beethoven may have popularized this gentle and mischievous giant, but they’ve been well beloved for a very long time. The Saint Bernard, which hails from the Swiss Alps, is watchful and patient, making them excellent family dogs.


Males can stand around 28-30 inches tall and weigh anywhere from 140 to 180 pounds on average.


The sheer size of these big dog breeds means that it’s important to thoughtfully consider the responsibility of housing one before bringing them into your home. Each will require different grooming, exercise, and other needs.

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