Looking for an excuse to go on vacation? With the many great vacation spots around the world, it can be difficult to choose any one of them over another. That is why we, at Anasazi Animal Clinic, came up with a list of destinations that aren’t your everyday run-of-the-mill vacation spots. These cat-themed vacation destinations are a great excuse for any cat lovers to get out town.

Florida – Ernest Hemingway Home And Museum

Let’s get started with one vacation spot that is close to home here in America. Florida is known for its beaches, but you may not have known that it also features Ernest Hemingway’s Home and Museum. This home of one of America’s most respected authors is open for tours and features over 40 cats who roam about the residence. What’s so unique about these cats? Some of them actually hail from his very own six-toed cat, Snow White and even those that don’t still carry the 6-toed gene. Each cat is named after a famous individual, carrying on the tradition of how Hemingway named his own cats.

Japan – Cat Islands, Cat Cafes, & More

Asia is a very cat-friendly continent. And Japan, in particular, has a number of cat-lover vacation spots while being a great destination in its own right. If you’re visiting Japan, you can dine at any number of their cat cafes and even drop by one of their unique cat islands. Japan is so cat-crazy that you could probably center your entire vacation around cats–if you really wanted. However, if Japan isn’t in the budget right now, there are actually a number of cat cafes sprouting up in America, as well.

Taiwan – Houtong & Cat Cafes

Taiwan, like Japan, is also a great nation for cat lovers. You’ll find cat cafes all over this small South Pacific Island, but one town in particular, Houtong, has become a tourist attraction in its own right because of, you guessed it, cats. This town was largely abandoned by miners who had brought in cats to fend off rodents. Since then, the cat community has flourished and the town has become very cat-centralized. You can find shops and cafes full of everything a cat lover could want.

Amsterdam – De Poezenboot, Cat Cabinet

Amsterdam has its own cat-centric surprises. De Poezenboot (the Cat Boat) is a boat used as an animal shelter for felines. This shelter allows adoptions and donations from its visitors and is open to the public. Just make sure to plan your visit ahead of time because the visiting hours are limited since it is run by volunteers. 

Another destination in Amsterdam you may or may not have heard of is the Cat Cabinet (or De Kattenkabinet). This small museum features a collection of cat-themed art including sculptures, paintings, posters, and books with an air of humor about it that is appropriate for a museum of such a theme. Some of the pieces were even created by world famous artists such as Picasso, Rembrandt, Corneille, and more. And, yes, the museum does house a handful of cats which you may see roaming around.

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Of course, these are by no means the only cat-themed destinations around the world and you may find more the meet your fancy. At Anasazi Animal Clinic, your vet in Gilbert, Arizona, we’re cat lovers, and we pride ourselves on having compassionate and caring interactions with our clients and their pets. Contact us today for all your veterinarian needs and have fun planning your next vacation!


Photo by Timothy Meinberg on Unsplash 07/11/2019