One of the most common health issues we see in older dogs is arthritis. Our team at Anasazi Animal Clinic in Gilbert understands how hard it can be to watch our beloved pets get older. Things they used to do with ease, like climbing the stairs, can become a very painful endeavor for them. The good news is that proper treatment can greatly ease the pain so that your dog can continue living his best life well into his golden years. 

Arthritis in Dogs

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease where the protective, cushioning cartilage in between joint bones deteriorates over time and bony growths develop in place of the cartilage, causing joint pain. There is no cure for osteoarthritis but early diagnosis and treatment can provide significant pain relief for your dog. 

Symptoms of Arthritis in Dogs

Large dog breeds have a higher risk of developing arthritis. Signs that your dog might have arthritis include: 

  • Reduced mobility
  • Stiffness 
  • Difficulty getting around 
  • Weight gain
  • Decreased muscle mass
  • Disinterest in playing or walking
  • Irritability or flinching to touch

If you notice any of these symptoms, make an appointment with your vet as soon as possible. Early diagnosis and treatment can ensure a better quality of life for your dog as he ages.

Arthritis Relief at Home

  • Diet. A high-quality, anti-inflammatory diet can help ease the symptoms of arthritis in dogs. Talk to your veterinarian about the best diet to feed your dog.
  • Comfortable Bed. A comfortable bed is essential to relieve pressure from your dog’s joints. If he likes to sleep on the couch or your bed, be sure to provide a ramp for easy access.
  • Massage. Gentle massage of the joints can be helpful, especially for large dogs. Ask your vet for tips on proper massaging techniques so that you don’t unintentionally cause further pain or injury.  
  • Exercise. Keeping your dog active with moderate exercise will help him maintain a healthy weight—excess weight stresses arthritic joints and causes more pain. Be sure to let him walk at his own pace. 

Medications and Supplements

Never give your dog over-the-counter medication that isn’t prescribed by your vet. Ibuprofen and many other common drugs that might be in your medicine cabinet are fatally toxic to dogs. Talk to your vet before giving your dog any supplements or topical treatments, including CBD lotions or treats. You want the best for your pooch, but not all products marketed for pets are actually safe. You should only give your dog medications and supplements that your vet prescribes. 

Arthritis Treatment for Dogs in Gilbert

If your dog is in pain from arthritis, contact us right away. Our compassionate veterinarians at Anasazi Animal Clinic in Gilbert are experts in caring for senior dogs. We are committed to ensuring the health and happiness of all pets throughout their later years. Call us to schedule an appointment today so that your fur baby can get back to doing all the things he loves.


Image used under creative commons license – commercial use (12/4/20) by Couleur from Pixabay