When pet owners bring their dogs and cats into Anasazi Animal Clinic for an annual check-up, many wonder why our veterinarians would recommend teeth cleaning. Just like humans, dog and cat teeth can become dirty from bacteria and plaque that cause infections, cavities, and other issues. Regular cat and dog teeth cleanings help keep these problems at bay. 

How often does my cat or dog need their teeth cleaned? 

We recommend most dogs and cats come in once a year for a dental cleaning, starting around age two or three. However, there are some instances where a dog or cat may need to come in earlier or more frequently. 

Older Animals

Just like humans, animals they tend to develop more health issues as they age. In regards to oral health, older dogs and cats are more susceptible to tooth decay and more prone to tooth loss. For this reason, we suggest more frequent teeth cleanings for older pets.

Certain Dog Breeds

Some dog breeds require more dental care. Small breeds like chihuahuas have much smaller mouths, which can cause overcrowding of teeth. And dog breeds with “pushed in” faces like bulldogs and pugs may have malformed or crooked teeth, making them prone to dental issues. 

What happens during a dental cleaning? 

Before we start a dog or cat teeth cleaning procedure, we administer a general anesthetic. This allows your pet to stay comfortable during the cleaning, and prevents any accidental injuries to your pet or to the veterinarian. 

Just like your dentist does at your teeth cleanings, a veterinary dentist uses special tools to remove plaque build-up from teeth and gums. They will also polish your pet’s teeth to a nice healthy shine! 

During the dental cleaning, the veterinarian also looks for signs of any dental disease in your pet’s mouth, such as:

The veterinary dentist and their staff take x-rays of your pet’s mouth so they can check for any issues below the gums. And, if the veterinarian finds any teeth that need extraction, they will discuss your options with you. 

Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning in Gilbert, Arizona

Annual dental cleanings are the best way to make sure your pet’s mouth stays healthy and clean. Healthy teeth and gums help your pets eat well, keeps them free from dental pain, and ensures that they live their best lives. If it’s time to schedule a cat or dog teeth cleaning for your pet, call Anasazi Animal Clinic today at 480-497-0505.   

Photo by Cierra Voelkl on Unsplash