You may have seen your kitten teething, or you may be worried about your cat’s teeth falling out. How much of this is normal? Oral health is an important factor in your feline’s health. Kittens explore their world by play, and sometimes they can be reckless in that. If you’ve noticed that your kitten lost a tooth or doesn’t have teeth yet, there may be a simple reason why. Here at Anasazi, we’ve created a quick recap about what to expect with your kitten’s teeth. 

Deciduous Teeth (baby teeth)

Similar to humans, both dogs and cats have two sets of teeth. These are known as their primary teeth (also called deciduous or baby teeth) and their permanent teeth. This allows the kittens to be able to nurse and gain the nutrients they need to grow big and strong. Around three to four months these deciduous teeth start to push through the gums. Your cat may be teething at this time and show signs of irritability from it. This is completely understandable as cats have 26 baby teeth

When do they fall out?

If you find a missing tooth or a gap, it may alarm you and you might be worried that your cat is in pain. However, losing primary teeth is completely normal. At about three to four months of age, your cat’s teeth may begin to fall out, making way for their permanent teeth. This process continues until about month seven when all thirty of their permanent teeth have erupted. 

Should I do something?

At your first check up, your veterinarian can provide a complete oral examination, assessing if there are any missing, slow to erupt, or impacted teeth causing your cat pain. If there is a problem with a persistent deciduous tooth, your vet can help you decide on the best plan to address this. Persistent deciduous teeth are a problem when they cause displacement of the permanent teeth. They can also cause crowding and contribute to other oral health issues such as periodontal disease


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Image by Helga Kattinger from Pixabay