Tabby cats are probably the most well-known types of cats because they’re the most common. Tabbies have coats with distinctive stripes, dots, lines, or swirling patterns. They always have a mark resembling an ‘M’ on their foreheads. Here at Anasazi Animal Clinic, we are fond of tabby cats because of their social and playful personalities—qualities that make them wonderful pets. If you have a tabby, or any other kind of cat for that matter, and you’re looking for a quality, compassionate vet in Gilbert, AZ, call us today. We’d love to meet your fur baby! 


1. There are five patterns of tabby cats.

These include: mackerel, blotched, striped, spotted, and ticked. The blotched pattern is the most commonly occurring one. Cats with this pattern are sometimes called “classic” or “marbled” tabbies.


2. Tabby cats can be many different colors.

The most common are black-based coats, but variations in pigment also give us brown, grey, cream, and orange tabbies.


3. Tabbies are not actually a specific cat breed.

The term “tabby” refers to just the patterns, which can show up in a variety of different breeds, such as Maine Coons, Abyssinians, Bengals, British, American Shorthairs, and more.


4. Tabby cats were named after a striped silk made in Baghdad.

It was thought that the cats resembled silk that originally came from the Attabiy district in Baghdad in the 14th century. The silk became known as attabi in Latin and later, as tabis in French. English speakers adopted this word as tabby in the 1600s. It wasn’t until the 1700s however, that cats were called tabbies.


5. There are several famous tabbies.

Garfield is the most famous cartoon tabby. Lil Bub is a famous brown tabby that lives in Indiana.


6. Tabbies have an “M” on their foreheads.

All tabbies have a unique “M” marking on their foreheads. There are many myths about why this occurs, but in reality, it is genetic.


7. Tabbies are social creatures.

Tabby cats love to give and receive affection and attention. These social cats love to be around people and like to be in on family activities. Many of them like the company of other cats in the house, and sometimes even a dog. This is particularly true if the cat and dog were raised together from a young age. If you’re looking for a cat with a big personality, then a tabby is a good choice!


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Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay