Adopting a new cat is exciting, but the transition can also be challenging. So it’s best to be physically and mentally prepared. Here at Anasazi Animal Clinic in Gilbert, our veterinarians have put together a comprehensive guide to make introducing a new cat to your home as smooth as possible. This will help your new furry friend get acclimated and feel safe in her new, “forever home.”

Provide Your Cat With Her Own Room

Kittens and adult cats are very sensitive when it comes to being placed into a new environment. Cats are territorial by nature. So a new home can leave them feeling stressed about whatever they imagine is lurking around every corner. To make your cat’s transition into your home easier, provide the cat with her own room or space right away. Bathrooms, laundry rooms, or spare bedrooms work well. When you bring her into your house in the cat carrier, carry her straight into her new room and close the door. Let her come out of the carrier and approach you in her own timing. Allowing your cat to get acquainted with you and her new surroundings on her own time is crucial for proper introduction.

Create A Safe Haven In Your Cat’s Room

Set up a mini fort in her room. This will give her a secret place to run to in case she is feeling anxious about all the new sights and smells. Cat carriers work well for this. Just make sure your cat’s safe haven is tall enough for her to stand up and turn around in with ease. In addition, provide her with cat toys, a litter box, and a place for her to eat and drink. And feeding her the same food she was getting in the shelter will also help make the transition easier.

Give Her a High Place For Observing Her New Home

Cats love to survey their surroundings from up high. So we recommend providing the cat with a cat tree or structure that she can climb in order to view her new home. Additionally, cat trees can provide a great place for your new cat to scratch her claws, keeping your furniture safe!

Within a week or so, your new cat should be ready to venture out of her safe haven to explore the rest of her new home. And as a reminder, be sure to bring your new cat into Anasazi Animal Clinic in Gilbert as soon as possible for a checkup and to bring her up-to-date with vaccinations. In our next blog post we’ll discuss additional considerations when introducing a new cat to your home!  


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