If you’ve spent any time on Facebook or Instagram lately, chances are good you’ve seen an ad for Pretty Litter. This sparkly-looking cat litter claims to be able to alert cat owners if their favorite feline has any health issues, based on the way the litter changes color. The staff at Anasazi Animal Clinic have been fielding many questions about Pretty Litter and other health monitoring litters like it. Here is what you need to know.

What Is Pretty Litter? 

Pretty Litter features a very light silica gel, which gives it its pretty “crystal” look. Silica gel is very absorbent, making it useful as a cat litter. Like other health monitoring cat litter on today’s market, Pretty Litter changes color based on the pH level of your cat’s urine. The pH level measures how acidic or alkaline your cat’s urine is. 

If a cat’s urine is too acidic, that could be a sign of certain issues such as urinary tract infections (UTIs) or kidney disease. Alkaline urine could be a sign of bladder stones or bacterial infections. Health monitoring cat litter also checks for blood in the urine, which can signal bladder inflammation, UTIs, and other health issues. 

Is Pretty Litter Worth It?

First and foremost, remember that health monitoring cat litters are meant to be a tool, not a diagnosis. It’s also important to understand that results from cat litter might not always be accurate. For instance, stress and anxiety can change the pH of a cat’s urine, creating a false positive. Also, the color changes in the litter may be hard to read and decipher. 

While a cat litter that monitors health can help in keeping an eye on the health of cats prone to UTIs or bladder infections—especially older cats—only a licensed veterinarian can make a full diagnosis. 

That being said, using a cat litter like Pretty Litter is really up to the owner. Many people like how it’s lightweight compared to traditional litters. Some cats may prefer the silica gel litter to traditional cat litter in their litter box. Others might not like it—researchers have found that silica gel can irritate a cat’s paws

Cat Litter That Monitors Health

Health monitoring cat litters are generally more expensive than traditional clay cat litter, which is something to keep in mind. Additionally, products like Pretty Litter are not available in stores—they’re only purchased as a monthly subscription online. 

From what we know, there have yet to be any reviews of the accuracy of health monitoring cat litters. We expect the veterinary community to be looking closer at these cat litters and will share more information as we find it. 

Health Care for Cats

Just like flea collars and nail clippers, health monitoring cat litter is another useful tool that cat owners can use at home to help keep their feline friends healthy. If you suspect your cat of having any health issues, Anasazi Animal Clinic is here to help—contact us today. 

Photo by Eric Han on Unsplash