Anytime you leave your pet at a pet boarding facility, you want to know that your furry friend has been left in good hands. Your cat or dog is more than just an animal…she’s a member of your family. That means you want the person taking care of her to treat her like it. The best way to ensure that your pet’s caretaker knows how to care for her is to provide as much information as possible. What would somebody need to know if you were going to hand over your pet? Here are essential factors your boarder needs to understand before you leave Fido or Sassy behind.

Special Needs

Does your dog require a special type of food? Will your cat only drink from a certain bowl? As strange as it may sound, pets can be as particular as some humans. As pet owners, we know you can appreciate that! That’s why it important to let the staff at your pet boarding facility knows what toy your pet can’t sleep without or if there is a special way you put the leash on your dog. At Anasazi Animal Clinic, we love to care for animals exactly as you and your pet want us to.


Certain pet characteristics and behaviors are also helpful to communicate when you take your dog or cat for boarding. Does Bowser have a special place he just loves to be scratched? What makes your dog bark like mad? Your boarder needs to know what types of behaviors are normal for your dog. Oftentimes, these behaviors are amplified in unfamiliar places. If your dog or cat does not get along with others, that is helpful to know, too. As a compassionate pet boarding facility, we will take special care to ensure that your pet has free time by himself instead of in a place where he may get nervous.

Health Concerns

Obviously, it makes sense to tell us if your pet has any medical conditions that require special care. Does Sassy require antibiotics twice a day? Does your dog need to be brushed to avoid matting? You can also bring your concerns to our attention. As a veterinary clinic, we are well-equipped to care for your dog or cat in any situation.

Pet boarding through the Anasazi Animal Clinic offers everything you want from a caretaker. We truly care about your pet’s needs and your need to know that your beloved family member will be well taken care of while you’re away. Call us today for more information.