When you’re thirsty, you get something to drink, so it’s not uncommon to assume that your feline companion would do the same thing. What many cat owners do not know is that cats are notoriously picky when it comes to their water bowls. Sometimes they won’t drink, even when they’re thirsty, if they think their water isn’t fresh. To make sure that your cat is getting enough water, the vets at Anasazi Animal Clinic suggest adding a cat water fountain to your home.    

What Is a Cat Water Fountain?

A cat water fountain is basically a water dish that constantly circulates the water in the bowl. The cat drinking fountain contains a small filter that removes impurities from tap water, as well as the dirt and cat hair that ordinarily build up in a regular water bowl. 

Cat drinking fountains come in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and prices. The main thing to remember is that cat water fountains need a power supply. In order for the filter to work, you will need to plug the fountain in, so you will need to place it near a power outlet. 

Benefits of a Cat Water Fountain

Are cat fountains worth it, you ask? We find that quite a few of our cat clients benefit from replacing a stagnant water dish with a cat drinking fountain. Here’s a look at some of the potential perks. 

1: Hydration Is Vital for Cats

Water is essential for cats’ health, but unlike humans, most cats need enticement to drink. Due to their wild ancestors, cats are naturally programmed to get most of their water through live prey. However, today’s domesticated cats who eat only dry kibble need constant access to water that they will actually drink. Dehydration in cats can set them up for a slew of medical issues, from urinary tract infections to kidney disease

2: Water Stays Fresher and Tastes Better

When water does not move, it becomes murky from dirt that collects on its surface. This will give it a bad taste and smell, and your cat will not want to drink it. Stagnant water can also be a breeding ground for infection-causing bacteria. The constant filtration and circulation a cat water fountain provides helps water stay fresher and taste better, so your cat will want to drink more. 

3: Cats Like Moving Water

Have you ever noticed that your cat is drawn to the sound of running water in your kitchen sink or bathtub? Or have you ever seen your cat place their paw in their stagnant water dish and splash the water around? Cats enjoy watching water in motion, and generally believe that non-moving water is not trustworthy, which is why they don’t like to drink from a motionless water bowl. If you notice your cat trying to drink from faucets rather than their water dish, it may be time to consider a cat water fountain. 

Your Local Cat Clinic

Providing clean, fresh drinking water at all times is an essential part of proper cat care. However, if your feline friend does not seem to be drinking enough water or is showing any signs of dehydration, a cat water fountain may be the answer to increasing their water intake. Here at Anasazi Animal Clinic, we are happy to answer any of your questions about cat drinking fountains and making sure your cat is hydrating properly.  

Image by Ermal Tahiri from Pixabay