All veterinary services are not the same at all veterinary hospitals. Unfortunately, choosing health care for your precious friend that compares with the care you would want for yourself requires some investigation.

[frame][box-title]Contacting a veterinary clinic regarding their price for a spay, neuter,  laser declaw or dentistry procedure is simply not enough! Prices alone may not indicate quality of care.[/box-title][/frame]

In order to compare fees from one hospital to another you must be able to compare apples to apples. What is quoted initially for a procedure and seems to be a low price may not include all that you expect, or may not be in the best interest of your pet and may end up costing more in the end.
Veterinary hospitals that provide a high standard of care welcome the opportunity to discuss fees and services to ensure that you have a clear understanding of all associated treatments and fees.

When you are trying to compare veterinary services or procedure costs, be sure to ask:
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  • If a dental procedure, is the veterinarian showing and discussing several digital dental x-rays on the computer in the exam room with you at discharge?
  • What is actually included in the fee quoted for the procedure?
  • Is an IV catheter included? (yes, it is needed to ensure your pet’s safety)
  • Is a pain medication injection included, as needed?
  • Is oral pain medication sent home with the patient, as needed?
  • Who will be performing the procedure?
  • What is their level of training?
  • What type of vital sign monitoring will be performed?
  • Who will be performing the vital signs monitoring?
  • Is the patient discharge appointment with a veterinarian who will answer all your questions and give you piece of mind or is the discharge by a technician or receptionist who will hand you instructions on a form?


At Anasazi, all patients are discharged by a doctor (every dental procedure, every surgical procedure, every hospitalized treatment case, everything except boarding). The patient discharge is that important to us because we know it is important to you.
A clinic that provides a high standard of care will be happy to share this information and much more with you. We, at Anasazi Animal Clinic, are proud of the quality care and customer service that we provide and will always be glad to give you a tour of our clinic, as well as, our dental operatory. Call us today!