If you’re looking to start or continue some wonderfully healthy habits with your furry friend in 2020, look no further. At Anasazi Animal Clinic in Gilbert, we encourage you to create some New Year’s resolutions that revolve around the health and happiness of your dog this year. Read on for six New Year’s resolutions for your dog’s health.

1. Add One Walk a Day

Dogs LOVE to walk, and walking them daily does wonders for their overall health. Daily walking will keep your dog tired and happy, and will help her stay physically healthy and within her optimal weight range throughout her life. Fifty-six percent of dogs are overweight or obese in the United States. This points to a common issue that can lead to a variety of health concerns over time. Walking is a simple solution! If you’re having trouble finding time to walk your dog for an approximate total of 60 minutes a day, professional dog walkers are a great option!

2. Create More Play Dates

If your dog is friendly and likes to play, why not resolve to enjoy more play dates in 2020? There are many benefits to socializing your furry friend through play dates, including sharpening her social skills and keeping her active. Some of the best exercise your dog can get happens while playing with other dogs. Dog parks are ideal places to find other friendly dogs and like-minded dog parents for you and your fur-baby to connect with.

3. Brush Her Teeth Daily

Your dog’s oral health is very important to her overall health. If you haven’t launched a daily oral care routine with your dog yet, this is a great year to start! Daily brushing removes tartar and plaque build-up from your dog’s teeth, keeping her teeth strong and her gums healthy throughout her lifetime. Healthy gums and teeth can help prevent other systemic issues like heart and kidney disease.

4. Take Your Dog On A New Adventure

2020 is a great year to try a new adventure with your furry best friend. If your dog likes to ride in the car, take a road trip to somewhere beautiful and stay in a dog-friendly AirBnB together. Pack a picnic lunch for you and your dog, and take a hike with spectacular Arizona views. Visit the dog-friendly breweries in the city. Walk to a speciality pet store that sells delicious baked treats for your dog. Take a boat ride or—if your dog likes to swim—take a dip together in some of Arizona’s most beautiful bodies of water.

5. Learn One New Trick in 2020

Dogs love to learn new things! There are various ways you can commit to stimulating your dog’s brain in the new year. Your dog can take training classes at any age. Training classes offer a structured environment with highly-skilled trainers who can teach your furry friend all kinds of new tricks. You can also teach your dog new tricks yourself! Take what you learn in training class and work on it at home. Look up doggy tricks on YouTube and practice training your pooch at home. A mentally engaged dog is a happy dog!

Schedule An Annual Physical Today!

One simple thing you can resolve to do in 2020 is schedule an annual exam for your dog. Yearly check-ups are vitally important to your dog’s overall health. Yearly check-ups allow for early treatment of any potential health-issues, as well as implementation of preventative measures to guard against health issues. Let us help you keep your New Year’s resolutions for your dog’s health. Contact Anasazi Animal Clinic in Gilbert today to schedule your dog’s annual check-up.

Image by markito from Pixabayh