We often get questions from clients concerning prescription refills, particularly when owners have to bring their pet back to see the veterinarian before the medication can be refilled. Medication may only be refilled when prescribed by a veterinarian for animals under their care. It is against federal and state law, and in opposition to sound ethical medicine for a veterinarian, to supply drugs without seeing and examining the pet for which they are required.

What does this mean to an Anasazi client?

  • Your pet must have initially been seen for a condition by one of our veterinarians who prescribed the medication.
  • For prescription refills (with the exception of flea treatments) your pet must have been seen by a veterinarian within the last 12 months. With some medical conditions it may be even sooner.
  • Drugs cannot be supplied for friends of clients.
  • Drugs cannot be dispensed to anyone under the age of 18 years.
  • Drugs cannot be supplied on behalf of another veterinarian without the pet being seen.
  • Federal and state laws and good medical practice prohibit us from dispensing or refilling medications that were originally ordered by another veterinarian. We will be happy to dispense any needed medications after examining your animal.

It’s the law but we want to help!

Our goal at Anasazi Animal Clinic is to provide your pet with the very best veterinary care. Therefore, the frequency of check-ups depends on the nature of your pet’s condition and the drugs being provided. If we ask you to bring your pet back to see the veterinarian before issuing a repeat prescription, you can rest assured that it is only in the best interests of you pet’s health.

  • Our practice staff is not allowed to dispense any medicines without the specific consent of a veterinarian who must decide whether or not an examination is required.
  • Please allow 24 hours for prescription refills to ensure that your wait time is minimized upon arrival to pick up the medication.
  • Please ask for advice – we strive to provide efficient and friendly service within the bounds of the law.