When your pet needs an animal hospital, you want to make sure you’re making the right choice. After all, your fur baby is part of the family, and you want to give them the best care possible. The best thing you can do for you and your family pet is your homework. If you don’t already have a regular veterinarian, it’s important to find one that both you and your pet love.

There are a variety of resources to help you know where to go. Asking friends and neighbors is a great start. You can also check out websites and online reviews. Once you narrow the field a little, you can call or visit each one. Then ask questions to get to know if it’s a place you’re comfortable taking your beloved pet. Examples of some of the questions you might ask:

  • Who will be caring for my pet during his visit?
  • How many veterinarians are on staff at any given hour?
  • If there is an overnight stay necessary, where will my pet sleep?
  • How many technicians are on staff and are they all certified in veterinary care?
  • What is the cost for each service? (It’s best to get this in writing – even if they are estimates only)
  • Can I be in the same room with my pet for certain procedures?

There are many more questions you can ask based on your pet, the need for the visit etc. The key is to make sure you are comfortable with the answers and with the animal hospital overall.

At Anasazi Animal Clinic, the needs of your dog or cat are our number one priority. Whether it’s for wellness, preventative, or emergency services, our skilled technicians and veterinarians are on the job to make sure your pet is well taken care of.

If you’re looking for quality animal hospital care, give us a call. Our caring staff will help you and your pet feel comfortable and well cared for, even during the most stressful of times.