If you’re an animal lover, it can be heartbreaking if you see a dog or cat on the side of the road. And, as animal lovers, we want to make sure that these animals are not abandoned. This can be especially true if they are injured and need to be taken to an animal hospital for treatment.

If you find a stray, first and foremost, be safe as you try to approach it. Scared animals can often act unpredictably. If you find a stray animal, here are a few tips to remember as you approach it:

  • Don’t make any sudden moves. If the animal is aggressive, you do not want to get close. Call a local shelter or veterinary clinic for help on what to do.
  • Have a spare leash and collar in your car just in case. This will make it easier to get the animal in your car or walk with him to safety.
  • Use food you have in your car to help draw the animal closer to you. It might be a good idea to carry some spare food, such as pill pockets or jerky.
  • Once you securely have the dog or cat, assess if there are any visible injuries.

If you find a stray animal who is injured, you may be compelled to bring it to a local animal hospital or clinic. You will want to have the animal checked to see if they are chipped so that a potential owner can be contacted and treatment can be authorized.

As animal lovers ourselves, our team at Anasazi Animal Clinic is committed to helping pets in need. We want to help reunite pets with their owners so they can get the treatment and attention they may require if they are lost and/or injured. Call or visit us if you have any questions about a pet in need. We want to help however we can.