As one of the best vets in Gilbert, we wanted to share with you that October is National Adopt A Shelter Dog month. If you are thinking of adding an adorable new member to your family, now is a great time to do it. There are more dogs in need than ever, and at Anasazi Animal Clinic, we are ready to help you care for them.

But, before you bring your shelter dog home, there are a few things you need to do to prepare for his arrival. This is important because the first few days in your home can be confusing for your new pet. A new place and new people can bring about a lot of uncertainty. Establishing some clear structure for your dog will help make the transition to your family as smooth as possible.

Consider the following:

  • Decide where your dog will spend most of his time. Because he may be experiencing some stress with the change in environment, he may have a tendency to forget his housebreaking skills. It might be a good idea to keep him in the kitchen or another area with tile flooring when you can’t be with him to make it easier for any necessary clean up.
  • Crate training may help your shelter dog feel more comfortable. Having his own safe space can put him more at ease and may also reduce the frequency of “accidents” as dogs typically will not make messes in their crates.
  • Dog proofing your home is also a good idea while you get to know the habits of your new pet. Just like a baby or toddler, a curious dog may want to explore things in your home and potentially destroy them. For his safety and for the protection of your things, you may want to tape loose electrical cords, store household cleaning supplies on high shelves, keep breakables out of reach, and install baby gates.
  • Start training your dog right away. Teach him commands like “sit”, “stay”, and “down”, and make sure that everyone in your family is using the same language when training your pet.
  • Finally, get an ID tag with your name and phone number for your dog’s collar and consider microchipping if the shelter has not already done so. If your dog accidentally gets out of your house, this will help others return him to you.

At Anasazi Animal Clinic, we are glad to welcome you and your adopted shelter dog to meet our doctors and staff and establish a healthcare and wellness plan. As one of the best vets in Gilbert, we are here to help you make sure your new, furry bundle of joy is healthy and happy.

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