Before you are in need of a cat hospital, schedule regular check-ups for your feline friends, especially as they get older. Senior cats can require special treatment. So at what age is your cat considered senior?

Typically, cats over seven are considered seniors. And, just as humans begin to have health issues as we age, so too do our furry friends. Everything from arthritis to teeth issues to glaucoma. Very similar issues that we experience. But there are some key differences.

If you have a senior cat, odds are you’ve seen a decrease in physical activity. Maybe your cat isn’t jumping as high or as often as she used to or maybe she sleeps more than normal. This is all part of the aging process. But just to be sure, it’s best to get your cat checked out by professionals at a cat hospital.

Other senior issues can include weight gain or loss, which can be caused by a number of things. Your cat hospital and veterinarian will help identify what the cause of weight loss is, which can range from kidney to thyroid to liver to heart disease.

Throughout your cat’s life, there are certain things you can do to make sure they stay as healthy as possible:

  • Schedule annual checkups with your veterinarian to help catch any potential issues early on. Preventative medicine is always the best approach.
  • Work with your veterinarian for a diet that fits your cat’s specific needs. As cats age, they need more protein so that should be considered in their dietary needs.
  • Avoid overfeeding your cat. As your pet ages, activity lessons and can cause weight gain.
  • As with any pet, make sure you take care of your cat’s teeth. Brushing her teeth can help prevent a variety of diseases.

If you have any more questions about your senior cat, we are here to help.Our expert staff will take care of all of your cat’s needs in our state-of-the-art cat hospital at Anasazi Animal Clinic. Contact us today. No matter what stage of life your cat is in, we’ll make sure she is on the road to good health.