Pet owners sometimes find themselves faced with the question of what to do with their pets when they have travel plans, illness, or family emergencies. Some people have nearby family or friends who can care for their pets. But this is not an option for everyone. That is why Gilbert dog boarding services, like those we offer at Anasazi Animal Clinic, can be real lifesavers for pet owners and their pets.  Here are a few things you will want to consider when selecting Gilbert dog boarding for your canine family member:

Safety and Security

When you have to leave your pet for a time, especially under sudden or abnormal situations or for longer than normal, many dogs try to find their owners. Dogs are expert escape artists, so you want to be sure to find a Gilbert dog boarding service that provides top-notch security.  At Anasazi Animal Clinic, we take great care to keep our facility safe and secure for your peace of mind.


Proper supervision is one of the most important parts of getting good boarding for your dog. Boarding facilities have staff that are trained to recognize signs of illness or distress in your pet and who can also offer care when needed. Our competent staff at Anasazi have your dog’s best interest at heart. Our job is to keep your dog happy, healthy, and well supervised during their stay at our Gilbert dog boarding facility.


The cleaner an area is, the less likely your dog will be to get sick. You want to make sure the boarding facility you choose has a sound sanitation practice. That is certainly our mission at Anasazi. We work to keep our kennels in top shape for your dog.

Health and Wellnesshttp://vaccinations

Make sure, above all else, that the Gilbert dog boarding facility you choose has the means of ensuring your dog’s health. Ask how often they are taken for exercise, what food they are given, how often are they checked by staff for illness, how emergencies are handled, and what the daily and weekly routines are like. You will also want to ask what vaccinations are required for boarding, and then make sure your dog is up to date.

With these points in mind, you can be sure to find the best Gilbert dog boarding facility for your canine companion. We invite you to contact us at  Ansazi Animal Clinic before you find yourself in need of boarding services. We will be happy to answer your questions, give you a facility tour, and provide you will options when it comes to Gilbert dog boarding.