Gilbert vetFleas are dreaded pests. They will try to takeover your home any chance that they get. They are the most common and one of the most dangerous and distressing of all health concerns your cat can face. It is important to know how to treat and kill fleas and keep your feline friend safe and healthy.  Here are some helpful tips from our Gilbert vet at Anasazi Animal Clinic to help you and your cat be happier and healthier:

  1. Fleas live outside. One of the first locations you need to pay attention to with your flea control is the outside areas where your cat spends time. The yard can be a haven for fleas, eggs, and larvae. It is important to treat your yard because no matter how clean you keep your home, they will find a way in.
  2. Fleas live inside. Fleas can find their way into your home in many ways. They can hitch a ride into the house on you, your pets, and others who come into your home. Fleas can migrate from the yard into the home quite easily. This is why Gilbert vet experts recommend weekly deep vacuuming and routine shampooing of your carpets.
  3. Fleas live on your cat. It is common knowledge that fleas need blood to survive, but fleas are not very picky when it comes to what animals they feed on. Whatever creature they can bite they will- either that is your cat or you! So make sure you make flea treatments a regular part of your cat’s care- many Gilbert vet staff recommend baths, topical, and/or oral treatments depending on the age of your cat.
  4. Fleas live on your pet’s bedding and toys. The final point you need to keep in mind when it comes to flea control is that while adult fleas are found mostly on their hosts, the eggs and larvae are predominantly found in the bedding and toys that your cat uses. So clean often and keep your cat’s favorite areas very clean too.With these four tips in mind, Ansazi Animal Clinic hopes you and your feline friends stay happy, healthy and avoid one of the biggest health concern cats face. For more information, contact us at Anasazi Animal Clinic.