Finding the right Gilbert veterinarian for your pet is an important process. You know that you want to make a quality decision for your best friend, but where should you begin? Here are a few important things to ask about:

1. Get to know the clinic.
Asking such questions as, Who is the veterinarian?” “Is there more than one Gilbert veterinarian on staff?” “What is the wait time for an appointment?” “Can I request to see a specific vet?” and “What are the hospital’s hours?” will help get a better picture of the clinic.

2. Examining the staff’s performance and credentials.

Is the Gilbert veterinarian at the clinic AAHA certified? How many veterinarians are on staff? Is there a certified specialist available, or do they have to outsource? Are there any technicians, and if so, what are they certified to do? Is the staff caring, competent, and courteous to people and patients? Do they communicate effectively? Questions like these are critical to capture at the onset of any veterinarian examination.

3. Evaluating facility services.

Taking a facility tour without your pet at first can also give you a good idea about the facility and services. When looking around, you should take notice of as many details as possible. Is the clinic a clean and comfortable place? What equipment do they have? Do they perform X-rays, blood work, and other tests in-house? What are the hospital’s policies and protocol for pain management? What do they do before and after anesthesia and surgery? How are overnight stays for patients? Gathering this information ahead of time will help you to be prepared in case an emergency does happen.

If you are new to the area and in need of a Gilbert Veterinarian, we invite you to check out Anasazi Animal Clinic. Contact us today to schedule a tour of our clinic. Our team of dedicated professionals love caring for animals and can’t wait to meet you and answer all of your questions.