Halloween is a fun annual holiday for humans of all ages. However, for our four-legged family members, it can be a bit tricky and even downright scary. Here at Anasazi Animal Clinic, we want all our Gilbert and Chandler clients to have a healthy and happy Halloween. Here are some tips to help you keep pets safe on Halloween. 

Pets And Halloween Candy

One of the biggest safety risks for Halloween comes from candy and other treats. Many of the special sweets kids and adults indulge in on this holiday are not safe for dogs and cats. Halloween candy and pets don’t mix, so make sure to keep all treats out of reach of animals!

Here are a few ingredients to watch out for: 


Chocolate is toxic to both dogs and cats and can lead to chocolate poisoning. While all types of chocolate are harmful, dark chocolate and baker’s chocolate are the most dangerous. If your dog or cat consumes chocolate, seek medical attention immediately. 


Xylitol, or sugar alcohol, is commonly used as a sugar substitute in sugar-free candy and gum. It is safe for humans but highly toxic to animals—it can potentially cause seizures and even death. 

Raisins and Grapes

While raisins are a healthy treat for kids on Halloween, they are not good for cats and dogs. Raisins can potentially cause kidney failure in animals. If your pet ingests raisins or grapes, seek medical attention immediately.


While there are some nuts that dogs can safely eat, they can be fattening and sometimes have a coating—such as cocoa powder—that can be toxic. Other nuts, like macadamias and walnuts, are toxic to dogs, so keep nut-filled treats away from pets. 

Reducing Stress on Pets This Halloween

Halloween can trigger stress and anxiety in some pets. Parties, decorations, costumes, and trick-or-treat all present unusual situations that could stress your pets out or even prove dangerous. Follow these tips for a stress-free Halloween.

Pet Costumes

While you know your cat will look adorable in the taco costume you picked up for them, how happy will they really be when they’re wearing it? Getting dressed up for Halloween may be too stressful for some pets. If you want your pet to wear a costume, make sure to try it on a few times before the big day. Offer lots of praise and a pet-approved treat or two to make getting dressed up a positive experience for everyone. 

Decorate Safely

Cackling witches, candle-lit pumpkins, and electronic ghosts look great inside and outside of your home. However, noisy and flashy decorations can be anxiety triggers for some animals. Watch out for decorations requiring electrical cords, lighted candles, and small pieces, because they can be safety hazards for your pets. 


Strangers ringing your doorbell or knocking on the door throughout the night can be extremely stressful for pets. Consider placing your animals in a closed room to help lessen the noise and keep them from escaping when you open the door. Also, make sure your pets are wearing up-to-date ID tags on their collars in case they do get outside. 

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Do you need advice on how to keep pets safe on Halloween? The friendly staff at Anasazi Animal Clinic can answer all of your questions about pet-friendly treats and activities. 

Image by Yama Zsuzsanna Márkus from Pixabay