Living in Arizona means you’ve probably had your fair share of interesting wildlife encounters. Some of these encounters may have been positive and some may have left you concerned for the safety of your family and household pets. Anasazi Animal Clinic, your local vets in Gilbert Arizona, would like to introduce you to a FREE new app available for iPhone and Android. It’s called The Critter LookUp App, and it may help alleviate your concerns by identifying local animals and insects.

How Do I Use the Critter Lookup App?

The Critter Lookup app makes wildlife identification and pest control as easy as snapping a photo within the app. They feature an extensive image catalog of mammals, birds, insects, and more. And on the chance that your animal or insect can’t be found in the catalog, the app features a Photo ID option. Just snap a picture of your new friend, and it will be emailed directly to a Critter Control representative who will respond with the identification of your animal or insect.

Critter Lookup doesn’t just identify the animal in question, the app also provides information about the critter’s habitat and behavior. In the event of an unwanted encounter or an emergency, this information can help users make the best decision on whether or not professional help is required.

Whether you are a new resident of Gilbert, Arizona, or you’ve lived here for years, downloading Critter Lookup in your phone’s app store can give you peace of mind about the wildlife and insect population around your home. And if your pet does have an encounter with a native Arizona wildlife resident, don’t hesitate to contact us at Anasazi Animal Clinic. We’re here to give you and your pet the best care in town.


Photo by Brodie Vissers from Burst (3/21/2018)