We all want to be safe from viruses. They’re not fun! And the same goes for our pets. They are a part of our family and we want to ensure that they do not get ill from any germs. For that reason we recommend pet vaccinations. The best way to stay up on what you need vaccinations for is to follow the recommended schedule your veterinarian suggests. Anasazi Animal Hospital (serving Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, and Arizona) has years of experience providing the best vaccinations for pets in order to give them the healthiest life possible. We can also help you stay updated on any pet vaccinations that may require a booster to keep your pets as healthy as possible.

Understanding Vaccines

It is helpful to  have a good understanding of vaccinations for your pet. At the fundamental level vaccination helps a pet’s immune system prepare to fight off organisms that cause diseases. Vaccines contain antigens, which look like disease-causing organisms to the immune system, but the antigens do not actually cause diseases. The immune system is mildly stimulated when the vaccine is introduced. If there is exposure for the pet to the disease, their body is already prepared to recognize it, and fight it off. Vaccinations reduces the risk of your beloved pet contracting a disease and can help decrease the severity of any illness that they might get.

Types of Vaccinations

There are two categories of vaccines for your pet. These include core pet vaccines and non-core pet vaccines. The core pet vaccines are the ones that are highly recommended for every pet to ensure their best health. These vaccines help pets avoid common illnesses that can hinder your pet’s quality of life. Non-core pet vaccines are those vaccines given based on the lifestyle of your pet. For example, there may be certain vaccinations recommended for your pet if they are outdoor-only animals or if they are boarded often.

In order to determine the best vaccine for the unique needs of your pet, contact us today. Our experienced veterinarian will be able to recommend the vaccines that will help your pet fend off pesky and dangerous diseases and live a healthy, energetic life.


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