If you’re a pet owner, you know that our four-legged friends can be an expensive part of life. When you take into consideration vet bills, grooming, food, and accessories, the average pet owner will spend over $1,000 a year on their pet. And that’s only an average cost. But if you like to pamper Fido or Fluffy, the amount spent can climb quickly. Anasazi Animal Clinic, a vet clinic serving Mesa, Chandler, and Gilbert, knows your pet is an integral part of your family and deserves the best veterinary care possible. That’s why we offer state-of-the-art veterinary services and preventative care. In this post though, we thought it would be fun to see the lengths some pet resorts go to in order to spoil their furry clients.

What is a Pet Resort?

Perhaps you’re going on vacation and want to take your furry friend with you, but your hotel isn’t pet-friendly. Or maybe you’re leaving your pet behind and want them to have an indulgent staycation while you’re gone. Either way, a pet resort is a place where you can board your canine or feline while on vacation, taking a work trip, or visiting friends or family. Whether you happen to have that extra cash to give your pet a 5-star boarding stay or not, read on to discover some of the services and generous amenities that top pet resorts will offer their pooch and kitty clientele:

  • Extensive Grooming: Deep shampooing, specialized hairstyles, teeth cleaning, and more.
  • Boarding Extras: Regular doggy daycare is transformed with puppy entertainers, daily walks, quiet nap times, swim times, group play and one-on-one interactions.
  • Relaxation Services: Certain spas provide warm therapeutic baths, pet massages, warm towels, and more.  

Most Luxurious Pet Spas

We did some research, and these resorts go above and beyond the call of duty to offer your pet an extravagant stay. Check out where they’re located and some of their over-the-top features:

  • D Pet Hotels: This boutique pet hotel chain has locations in LA, Hollywood, Austin, Chelsea, and our very own Scottsdale! If you’re too busy, no problem; this resort has a chauffeur service that will pick Fluffy or Fido up at home. Over-the-top features: A Netflix and chill session—your canine and a buddy watch their personal flat-screen TV while chowing down on a sirloin steak!
  • Best Friend’s Pet Care: Is your next family vacation a trip to Disney World in Florida? Are you wishing you could take the pooch along with the rest of the family to rest and rejuvenate? This spectacular new facility is right on the Disney property, which means you can even pick your pup up for the day, to enjoy the attractions together. Over-the-top features: Dogs have a personal pet concierge and receive a bedtime story!
  • Old Towne Pet Resort: If work or play takes you to the Nation’s Capital, you might consider taking your dog along with you. With three locations throughout the Washington D.C. area, your pooch can get the presidential treatment. Over-the-top features: mud bath treatments, blueberry facials, a heated swimming pool, um…should we go on?

Whether you have the Benjamins to splurge on your pet or not, they deserve the best veterinary care possible! And at Anasazi Animal Clinic, we pride ourselves in offering your four-legged companions affordable boarding and healthcare with competitive pricing, discount health plans and even financing options (CareCredit). If you live in Chandler, Gilbert or Mesa, contact us to see what we can do for you today!

Photo by Shopify Partners from Burst (10/7/2018)