While the ideal situation would be to take your pet and all that you love with you wherever you go. Sometimes this is just not possible and your beloved pet has to be left behind for a period of time. We understand the difficulty that can be when your pet is in Phoenix or Gilbert area and you are in another state or city. Anasazi Animal Clinic want to be your local pet clinic that helps you work through the best ways to board your pet and prepare them for that process. We know how hard it can be, but let us not only help with all the pet health needs, but also their emotional health.

Life Transitions

Whether we want this to be true or not, life transitions. All the time. Whether it is for the good or the bad, it changes nonetheless. Circumstances can be exciting for job promotions, moving to a better home, family coming into town, or vacations. Those are all amazing and exciting things, but still changes. Unfortunately there are also unhappy circumstances that arise such as relationships ending, losing jobs, or change of a roommate. All circumstances can cause stress, whether good or bad, and everyone in the household can feel it, including your pet. It is wise to consider how stress may affect your pet and what you can do to help them if possible. Boarding them for a time during massive transition or vacationing may be best for them.

Tips to Ease Boarding Stress

Creating a safe place for your beloved pet, no matter what life circumstances are happening can be helpful. It will ease your mind to know they are well taken care of, and give you one less thing to worry about. Here are some tips to help lessen the stress for your pet during boarding:

  • Talk with Anasazi Animal Clinic to help with your pet boarding needs, ensure their health and shots are up to date and ensure they can handle the stress of transition.
  • Make boarding reservations well in advance after you have visited and feel peaceful about having your pet stay there.
  • Ensure you have your pet’s ID and collar on them.
  • Make sure you send along your pet’s favorite toys or blankets with them so they have something familiar with them.
  • Do not make any dietary changes for your pet during the transition so as not to give them an upset stomach.
  • Give your pet extra love when you see them so they know everything is ok.

There are several tips to help prepare your pet for boarding and for a time they can have some fun while you are figuring out transition or vacationing yourself. It is good to be aware that animals can feel the stress in transition as well.

Anasazi Animal Clinic knows the difficulties and excitement around boarding your pet during vacations or life transitions. We are here to help make it a smooth easy transition as much as possible.


Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (7//2017) Crystal Rolfe (Flickr)