Learning as much as you can about pet health will help you be the best pet parent you can be. And when you need a partner in that effort, consider our team at Anasazi Animal Clinic. Our passion is our patients and making sure they live the happiest, most fulfilling life possible. That’s a big reason why we are excited to participate in National Dog Day each year.

Since 2004, National Dog Day has been celebrated annually on August 26. Founded by Colleen Paige, a pet and family lifestyle expert and animal advocate.

National Dog Day celebrates all dogs and all breeds. The goal of the day is to draw attention to dogs that are in need of rescue and those who work tirelessly to help save them. Against all breed bans, Colleen and her team want to celebrate the service, support and tireless effort our furry friends provide each day.

We encourage all pet parent’s to treat pets special each and every day but also to take this special day in August to give your pet some extra love and attention. While there are numerous ways to celebrate, you know your pet better than anyone and you’ll know what will be a special treat. In case you need some ideas, here are a few ways you might want to consider showing your appreciation on National Dog Day:

  • Add a new member to your family by adopting a shelter pet.
  • Research and support petitions to ban puppy mills.
  • Consider donating some of their spare toys and bedding to your local pet shelters.
  • Spend the day with your pet doing his favorite thing – swimming, a walk in the park, or a nap on the couch.
  • Take some time to groom your pet, massaging his legs and giving him the hands-on attention he needs.

You can find other ideas on the National Dog Day website. Get creative and hold your own event or activity for the day.

If you have questions on general pet health contact our team today. We are passionate about all of our patients and believe every day should be celebrated as National Pet Day.