The month of October is a wonderful time in Gilbert for many reasons. Not only do many families celebrate Halloween this month, but it also happens to be National Animal Safety and Protection Month! Did you know Halloween is one of the most dangerous days of the year for your pets? Aside from being a rather stressful holiday for many pets, The Pet Poison Helpline receives a 12% increase in the number of emergency toxicology calls during the week of Halloween each year. At Anasazi Animal Clinic in Gilbert, we want to offer some helpful tips on Halloween pet safety, so you can enjoy a fun and worry-free Halloween with your furry friends.

Keep Your Pets Calm

Answering the door to find candy-hungry trick-or-treaters is part of the fun of Halloween, but the constant sound of the doorbell or knocking on the door can be stressful for pets. Along with this, masks, costumes, and children yelling for candy can feel like a threat to some pets. Each time the door is opened to trick-or-treaters, your pet has a chance to escape. Consider keeping your furry pals in a comfortable and secure room of the house with their food, water, toys, and bed. If your pet has not been microchipped, make sure to give us a call. Microchipping, combined with keeping a collar and up-to-date ID tag on your pet, always provides the best bet that you and your pet will be reunited if she does run out the door.

Safe Costumes Are Fun Costumes

If your pet enjoys wearing costumes, it can be fun to include them in the festivities! Before celebrating, make sure your pet’s costume is safe. It is important to look for costumes without string, buttons, or other details that your pet can swallow. It is also important to make sure the costume allows your pet to see clearly, move freely, breathe well, and vocalize needs. Allow your pet to wear the costume several times, well before the festivities begin, so she can become comfortable with wearing it. This includes making sure they are not overheating especially if you are going to be at a daytime event.Pets do not sweat like us so it is harder for them to cool off when overheating. If your pet doesn’t want to wear the costume, we would recommend finding other ways to involve your pet in the festivities, like replacing her collar with a Halloween-themed collar for the season!

Stash Your Sweets

It’s widely known that chocolate is toxic to cats and dogs, but did you know gum and foods containing the sweetener xylitol are also hazardous for your pets? Make sure to keep your candy stashed in a high cabinet, preferably with a child lock. Make sure your candy bowl for trick-or-treaters is placed where your pets cannot access it, and keep an eye on your children. Kids often want to share their delicious treats with their furry friends. Make sure your jack-o-lanterns are also out of your pet’s reach. While pumpkin is good for animals in small doses, too much of it can severely disrupt their digestion. 

Signs of poisoning in your pets include seizures, vomiting, rapid heart rate and breathing, and diarrhea. Please contact us immediately if you witness signs of poisoning in your pet. We offer emergency services six days a week. If it is outside of our operating hours, take your pet to the closest emergency vet. 

Happy Halloween from Anasazi Animal Clinic

Our team at Anasazi Animal Clinic hopes that by following these simple tips for Halloween pet safety, you can enjoy a fun holiday in Gilbert with your furry friends.

Image by Elena Rogulina from Pixabay