As pet parents, it’s important to be aware of common hazards to our fur babies’ health and safety year-round. Our team at Anasazi Animal Clinic in Gilbert can help you keep your pet happy, healthy, and safe, no matter the season. Keep reading for seasonal safety tips for pets to ensure they live long, healthy, and happy lives. 



While winters in many parts of Arizona aren’t as harsh as in some other states, there is still a high risk for dryness and dehydration in your pet. It is important to keep your fur baby’s water bowl filled at all times, especially through the winter months when dry, cooler air can leave your pet lacking proper hydration. Check your pet’s skin routinely to make sure it is healthy and hydrated.

Winter is also a time for holidays that can expose your pets to various health and safety hazards. Make sure to keep your pets away from candles, ribbons, ornaments, tinsel, chocolate treats, and other hazardous holiday items.



Humans aren’t the only ones to experience an onslaught of allergies in the spring. If your pet is sneezing and sluggish during the spring months, give us a call of visit us for allergy solutions. Make sure to keep your pets away from any new or unfamiliar plants popping up in the spring, and check on the potential toxicity of plants before you plant them in your garden. When taking your pets out for a walk, keep an eye out for snakes. Snakes tend to be more visible in the spring, and can pose a threat to your fur-babies.



Heat is a major risk factor for your pets. It is important that you limit the time spent outdoors with your furry friends during the summer months, as the hot Arizona sun can cause sunburn, dehydration, and heat stroke. Never leave your pet in a hot car, and always keep cool water nearby for your pet to drink. Make sure to keep on top of flea and tick prevention efforts. Give us a call to discuss your flea and tick prevention options. Be aware that scorpions can sting your pet—they tend to be active year-round, including during the summer months in Arizona.



Mold and mold allergies are a common issue during the autumnal season. Make sure to keep your pets away from any obvious mold and contact us for assistance in managing mold allergy symptoms. You will also want to watch for mushrooms during this time of year. All kinds of mushrooms grow in the forest in the fall, and pets are very curious about them. Unfortunately, many of these mushrooms are toxic to your pet, so you will want to steer clear of them. You will also need to check your pets for ticks each time you return from a walk in a wooded area. Pets are very susceptible to tick bites when walking through forest areas, and need to be seen immediately if a tick is found. Be sure to practice holiday safety with your pet during Halloween, keeping your pet away from chocolate and other health hazards.


Contact Anasazi Animal Clinic in Gilbert to discuss these and more safety tips for pets and to schedule your fur baby’s next check up!