Keeping your pet healthy for many years is our goal at Anasazi Animal Clinic. Take advantage of our Senior Wellness program, a group of diagnostic tests recommended annually for pets 6 years or older. Pets age much faster than humans, but serious health problems can often be prevented, delayed, or treated effectively by early detection.

Beginning at around age 6, your pet enters his or her senior years. During these years, pets often begin to develop diseases common to their senior human counterparts, such as periodontal disease, diabetes, heart disease, endocrine disease and cancer.

These diseases can go unnoticed in their early stages, and, if left undetected, can put your pet’s health at risk. Preventive health care becomes increasingly important as your pet ages. Early intervention leads to a lifetime of good health. Work closely with us to evaluate your pet’s general health and to monitor the physical effects aging has had on his or her mind and body. Watch for these signs from your senior friend!

The best approach to caring for your senior pet includes preventive testing so that:

  • We can establish baselines to serve as a comparison when changes occur.
  • We can identify existing health problems that aren’t detected through a physical exam alone.
  • We can monitor progress during treatment.

The tests we recommend are similar to and equally as important as those that human physician’s run on their patients. After we run the recommended tests, we can help you understand your pet’s current health status and common medical conditions your pet could face, and discuss a regular monitoring plan.

We have two types of senior testing:

  • Senior Wellness Examination with comprehensive bloodtest and urinalysis.
  • Senior Wellness Examination with complete work up.

The minimum testing that we recommend for your senior friend is a comprehensive bloodtest and urinalysis. We have several to choose from and one will be customized based on the health status of each patient. Some tests even have the urinalysis and heartworm test included in the price. The minimum combination of laboratory tests that we recommend is listed below.

  • Biochemical Profile – Kidneys, liver, diabetes/sugar, hydration, protein, pancreas, tumors
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC) – Anemia, infection, clotting
  • Electrolytes – Dehydration, endocrine disease, diabetes
  • Urinalysis – Kidney, diabetes
  • Thyroid hormone – Overactive or under active

Our comprehensive senior testing program is the Complete Work Up and is recommended annually for all senior patients:

  • Physical Examination – Examination of your pet’s body systems and overall condition
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC) – Tests for changes in and health of the blood cells
  • Blood Chemistry Analysis – Looks at the health of the major internal organs
  • Thyroid Testing – The thyroid gland contributes significantly to your pet’s overall health by regulating metabolism
  • Urinalysis – The urine is a very sensitive indicator of various diseases
  • Baseline EKG – A sensitive indicator of early heart disease
  • Baseline Blood Pressure – Screening for hypertension
  • Screening X-rays – Chest and abdominal x-rays to evaluate organ size, lung pattern, and look for masses or abnormal fluid accumulation
  • Specialized Ocular Tests – Screening tests to evaluate for dry eye (KCS) and glaucoma
  • Consultation – A consultation will be scheduled for you to review the test results with the veterinarian, usually the day after testing. The veterinarian will discuss any health status changes and available treatment options.

Schedule Senior Wellness Testing

To schedule senior wellness testing for your pet, please telephone our office to schedule the tests and the veterinarian consultation. Pets must be admitted to the hospital between 7:30 and 8:00 a.m. the day of the examination and should be fasted after 6:00 p.m. the night prior. Please allow at least 15 minutes upon admission to complete the necessary consent forms. All tests will usually be completed by 3:30 p.m.

Included in the tests are a complimentary dental exam, ear cleaning and toe nail trim. We offer the complete Comprehensive Senior Care Program at a reduced rate in the hope that the early detection of health problems will minimize progress of abnormal conditions and help you enjoy your companion longer.

We are able to offer these packaged services to older dogs and cats as a yearly screening tool, not as diagnostic tests once disease has manifest. The Comprehensive Senior Care Program will help your pet through his or her golden years with as little difficulty and as much comfort as possible.