Arizona is beautiful this time of year. And dogs love to be outside enjoying the warm weather. But so do bees and other stinging insects. Like humans, it’s not common for dogs to get bee stings, especially around the face and head. This is because dogs will snap at things buzzing around them — often with less than stellar results. If your dog gets stung, there are things you can do at home to relieve the pain and swelling.

How to Tell if Your Dog Got Stung By a Bee

Your dog is likely to have swelling where he got stung. Swollen muzzles or areas around the face are a pretty good sign. The area will be tender to touch, so be careful to not get bit if your dog is in pain. If you don’t think you can treat the sting without defensive behavior from your dog, bring him to us at Anasazi Animal Clinic where our skilled team can carefully attend to his sting.

Treating Your Dog for a Bee Sting

If your dog will let you treat him, you should try to remove the stinger if it’s still there. Use something stiff like a twig or credit card to scrape parallel to the skin to remove the stinger from the injury. Do not pull on the stinger upward as this can release more venom into the sting. Then you can wash the affected area with a baking soda and water solution. Apply ice packs to reduce swelling and give your pup plain Benadryl. Call us to get the correct dosages as it is important to administer the proper amount. Do not give Benadryl with other medicines as this can cause additional issues. Watch your dog carefully for the next 24 hours for signs of an adverse reaction. When in doubt about what to do, it is always a good idea to call us or come see us for confirmation.

When Should You Take Your Dog to us for a Bee Sting?

Dogs, like people, can suffer from severe allergic reactions to bee stings especially if there was more than one bee. Extreme swelling, trouble breathing, disorientation, and acting sick are signs that he may be experiencing a severe allergic reaction. In this case, immediate veterinary attention is imperative. We advise bringing your dog to us at Anasazi Animal Clinic where we can take the sting out of your dog’s pain.