If you don’t have a family vet for your pet, we invite you to consider a visit with our staff. At Anasazi Animal Clinic, we are as committed to your pets as we are our own. And it’s because we know the importance of maintaining your pet’s health.

For most of us, as humans, a yearly physical exam means we get blood work done to check our cholesterol and other key health indicators. It’s often because of these checkups that health issues are caught before they become serious. For the same reason, our pets need regular checkups, too.

For a normal, healthy animal, a once-a-year checkup is recommended. During our exams, we first take the time to make sure your pet is comfortable. Some pets need a little extra TLC, but we love to give special attention to all of our patients. Once we have established a good rapport, we then do routine exams that include evaluating teeth, checking temperature, and possibly doing some blood work to check the overall health of your pet.

Most people don’t realize  how important it is to check their pet’s teeth as it can indicate the health of their internal organs. At Anasazi Animal clinic, we look for things like the color of the gums, cracks in teeth, swelling, etc. If we see something unusual, this could indicate that there may be something going on beyond the surface.

A yearly exam can also include getting booster shots for disease such as rabies, distemper and bordetella. If your pet is boarded at any time throughout the year, all vaccines are required.

And finally, annual checkups are important because our experienced vet and staff can tell you about a variety of preventative approaches for things like heartworm, ticks and behavioral issues.

If you have questions on your pet’s health or if you’d like to schedule a checkup for your furry family member, contact our team at Anasazi Animal Clinic. We’ll get you and your pet scheduled for an appointment, introduce you to our staff, then get to the business at hand…making sure your pet lives a healthy, happy life.