veterinarian gilbert azEstablishing care with a veterinarian Gilbert AZ who knows you and your pet is important throughout your pet’s life but especially when your pet is aging. Well cared for pets will live long, happy and healthy lives. But as our furry friends get older, they will slow down and need their human parents to watch for some key signs that aging is taking a toll. Just as they did when they were puppies, our senior pets need special care and attention.

When our pets reach their golden years, they go through a number of changes, very similar to what we humans go through when we age. Issues can range from arthritis in joints to lack of mobility and dimming hearing and eyesight. Much depends on your pet’s breed and overall health.

It’s important to keep an eye on your pets at every stage of life, but there are usually more noticeable symptoms to note when they are seniors. You will want to take note of behavior that isn’t normal or part of your pet’s routine. Things to look for include limping, no response when called, and running into furniture or outdoor landscaping. If you have any concerns about your aging pet and what to expect in time, give our veterinarian Gilbert AZ team a call.

To keep your senior pet comfortable, make sure he or she has helpful things to ease any potential pain, like a soft foam bed to lay on. As they get older, hip issues may prevent pets from jumping so it’s best to get them a ramp or steps to get up and out of things like beds, cars and couches. Hip Dysplasia is a common ailment in dogs and can cause serious pain resulting in limping and weak bones, so jumping is not a good thing when hip Dysplasia is involved.

No matter what stage of life your pet is in, our team wants to be there to provide the best care possible. If you’re looking for a veterinarian Gilbert AZ or have have any questions about caring for a senior pet, give our team a call. Our goal is to have all pets receive a healthy lifetime of care and love.