An experienced veterinarian from Anasazi Animal Clinic can help your pet in a variety of situations…like when your cat suddenly stops using its litter box. When this happens, it’s important to have your veterinarian examine your pet. Not using the litter box can indicate health or behavioral issues.

Litter box use is second nature to cats. Kittens as young as three to five weeks old can be completely litter trained. Why is it fairly easy to litter train cats? The domesticated cat comes from a long line of nature’s hunters. Outside hunters. For cats, litter resembles the dirt and sand that they would naturally use if they were outdoors.

When kittens, felines can be trained, but it helps to observe them first when they are in their litter. Similar to potty training a puppy, you’ll have better results with kittens if you put them in the litter box at specific times of the day to have them go potty. Positive reinforcement does wonders for the process and encourages your kitten to return to the litter box next time it has to go.

Litter box training does take time and patience. But you’ll be amazed at how quickly your cat will pick it up. You may also want to consider using an enclosed litter box. This gives your cat the privacy they might want to make them feel more comfortable. Take note, however, some cats prefer to have an open box for easy in and out. You’ll have to determine which type of box your cat likes best.

If your cat has suddenly stopped using the litter box or if you have a kitten and have questions about litter box training, contact our veterinarian staff at Anasazi Animal Clinic. We’ll examine your pet to determine if the issue is a medical one. If not, odds are it’s behavioral. We can gave you some tips in that area and help to get your cat back to business, as usual.