Anasazi Animal Clinic veterinarians in Gilbert can tell you about the right medication needed to prevent your pet from getting a variety of illnesses commonly found in Arizona.

Whether you’re a new pet parent or you’ve had your pet for a while, it’s important that they receive annual checkups and health screenings. Just like humans receive preventative medications such as flu and pneumonia shots, our pets need their own, as well. While not every vaccination is needed annually, it’s best to talk to your veterinarians in Gilbert to determine a course for your pet based on his age, overall health, etc.

Below, we’ve highlighted a few of the most common pet vaccines:

Heartworm — As the muggy, humid summer monsoons gear up, mosquitoes begin to take over. This can be dangerous to our pets as mosquitoes can spread a parasite to them known as heartworm disease. A monthly preventative will help protect your furry friend.

Rabies —You are required by the State of Arizona and Maricopa County to license your pet, and part of that requirement is having your pet vaccinated for rabies.

DHPP — A very important vaccine for your pet, DHPP protects from a variety of diseases including distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus.

Bordetella — If you board your pet or if your pet is around other dogs, Bordetella will protect him from kennel cough, which is highly contagious.

If your pet is on certain medications, annual blood work is highly recommended to make sure organs are functioning as they should. To make scheduling easy each year, when you schedule your own annual checkup, call us to schedule Fido’s too.

If you’d like to learn more about preventative medications for your pets or if you’d like to schedule an exam, contact our talented team of veterinarians in Gilbert today. We will help to ensure that your pets are protected and have everything needed for a happy, healthy life.