Regular veterinary care can provide you and your family with a wealth of information to make sure your furry friend lives a long and healthy life. With the hot Arizona summer temperatures in full force, one of the main questions we get is if pet owners should shave their pets to cool them off. Our advice is always to not completely shave your pet.

Just as wild animals have fur to protect them from cold and heat and our house has insulation, so do our domesticated animals. While it might seem like it should be opposite, having fur during the hot summer months helps to keep our pets cool. It is nature’s insulation, and there are many layers to it.

Instead of completely shaving their pets, some pet owners will give their pet a good cut, leaving about a half inch of hair. You should not see any skin when doing a semi-summer cut. This amount of hair removal can still protect your pet, while allowing some cooling.

Another reason why leaving our pets unshaved during the summer months is a good things is to prevent sunburn. Yes, our pets can get sunburned just as we do. And, they can also get skin cancer.

The best bet is to always schedule your pet veterinary care and check with your vet to discuss what is right for your cat or dog. Based on age, general health, etc., your pet may have special needs. As a general rule of thumb, when it’s hot out, keep your pet indoors or in the shade with an endless supply of fresh, cool water.

If you are looking for quality veterinary care for you pet, contact our professional and caring team at Anasazi Animal Clinic. Our goal is to make sure you have the information you need to make sure your Fido or Feline is happy, healthy and protected.