Preventative veterinary medications are an essential part of summertime fun for your pets. While we may not have an abundance of fleas and ticks in the Valley, they are present, especially when you travel to higher elevations and to our state’s mountains. And they are most definitely present in other states you may travel to. But with just a bit of prevention, you can keep your pet’s summer pests at bay.

Before traveling for your vacation getaway, do your research. Take a look at the area you’re headed to and find out if ticks and fleas are a common problem. Ticks can be an issue for dogs because there aren’t vaccines for all tick diseases. This makes it especially important to use a tick preventative product on your pet. Tick bites are hard to detect, with signs of disease not appearing for up to 7-21 days or longer. To help reduce your pet’s chances of getting a tick disease check them daily for ticks, especially after coming in from outside. If you do find a tick on your pet, remove it right away. Constant checking is essential.

When it comes to fleas, once your pet has them, it can be a tricky process to remove them. The fleas themselves typically stay on your pet, while their eggs are found in things like the flooring, bedding and grass. This means it’s critical to treat the environment your pet is in, as well as your home. This may even include the external environment. The best bet to keep fleas away is by using a preventative medication.

If you would like to learn more about flea and tick control, contact our team today. We’ll exam your pet to make sure he doesn’t already have fleas or ticks and then we’ll help you determine the best preventative veterinary medications. All you have to do is enjoy the summer fun.