As 2021 winds down, the veterinary team at Anasazi Animal Clinic wants to wish our clients and their pets a very Happy New Year! This is the perfect time to set some goals for making 2022 the healthiest year ever for your pets. Here are 12 pet resolutions for you and your furry companions that will help you both have the best year yet.

Twelve Pet Health Resolutions for 2022

1: Exercise More

One of our favorite new year’s resolutions for dog owners is to plan to get outside for more exercise in 2022. Obesity is a major health problem for dogs, and spending more time on walks and playing fetch in the park can certainly help keep a dog’s weight at a healthy level. And, getting more activity is a health benefit for humans, too! 

2: Eat Better

While eating better often tops many people’s resolution lists, it should be on your pet resolutions list as well! Both cats and dogs can benefit from a healthy diet appropriate for their age and breed. Your veterinarian can guide you on choosing the most nutritious food for your pet. Try to keep treats to a minimum this year and set a goal of making healthy treats at home. 

3: Drink More Water

Water is very important for the overall health of dogs and cats. Always make sure your pets have regular access to fresh, clean water. Cats might drink more if they have more than one water bowl, or, if you find your cat is not drinking enough, consider upgrading to a water fountain in 2022.  

4  Focus on Oral Health

Dental health isn’t just for humans—a healthy mouth also leads to better overall health for dogs and cats. Broken teeth, cavities, and gum disease can cause your pets significant pain. All pets should get an annual dental exam to make sure their teeth and gums are in tip-top shape. We also highly recommend brushing your pet’s teeth daily. 

5: Clean Toys and Bedding

Did you know that almost all dog and cat toys can be cleaned in the washing machine? The new year is a great time to go through your pet’s toy chest and give each toy a thorough cleaning. If you have too many toys, you can donate them to a local pet shelter. Don’t forget to clean any pet beds or blankets while you’re at it! 

6: Get Grooming

One of our favorite new year’s resolutions for cats is to come up with a weekly grooming schedule. Give your cat a “spa day” for nail trimming, brushing, and extra pampering. Dogs and long-haired cats can both benefit from regular baths and brushings.

7: Spend More Quality Time

Make more plans for one-on-one time with your pets. Whether your plan is for extra cuddling while watching TV or reading a book, playing together with their favorite toys, or taking them out more places, that extra time together will help you build a stronger relationship. 

8: Try Something New

Have you ever considered running a 5K with your dog? Do you think your cat would be a great therapy animal at a local children’s hospital? A new year means new possibilities and new experiences that can further enhance your bond. 

9: Update Your Pet’s IDs

Have you moved or changed your phone number recently? You’ll need to update the information stored in your pet’s microchip and get a new ID tag made for their collar. Simple things like changing contact details often get overlooked when making a big move. 

10: Help Pets in Need

Put your experience with pets to good use by volunteering at a local animal shelter or rescue. These organizations are always looking for volunteers who love working with cats and dogs who are waiting for their new homes. Do a quick search for local volunteer opportunities, or visit to find a way to give back to your community. 

11: Consider Pet Insurance

As pets age, their health needs may increase, which can take a financial toll. Before that becomes a problem, consider purchasing pet insurance coverage. We recommend Nationwide Pet Insurance to our clients.  

12: Visit Your Veterinarian Annually

Now is a great time to schedule your pet’s 2022 annual vet visit. Even if your dog or cat seems to be in tip-top shape, an annual exam allows your veterinarian to check for signs of any potential health issues and catch them in their early stages. Plus, it’s a great way to keep your pets up-to-date on their vaccinations

A Happy New Year for Cats and Dogs

We want to help make 2022 the best—and healthiest—year yet for you and your pet! We hope our list of pet resolutions will help inspire you to make some small changes that will have some big results. To make your pet’s 2022 annual exam appointment, contact us today

Photo courtesy markito on Pixabay