This winter holiday season, don’t forget about your furry friend! There is nothing like the joy of a happy animal to add to the holiday fun.  Anasazi Animal Clinic, located in Gilbert, Arizona, is passionate about great pet care and making your pets happy.

Gift Ideas

Here are some ideas for great gifts your pet will be sure to enjoy:

  • Personalized Bowl: You can get them a great food bowl with their face on it! It can be personalized to them, and is great for a cat or a small dog. One place to get a personalized bowl is
  • Gulpy Pet Water Bottle: When hiking with your pet, it can get hot and difficult to bring a bowl for water each time. This is the ideal gift, as it is a water bottle that turns into a water dish for easy water access.
  • Gingerbread Dog Treats: Who says your pet can’t have delicious treats with you during the holiday season? These homemade, all-natural dog treats are a great way for your beloved pooch to enjoy a bit of the holiday season with you.
  • Bascolor Electric Rotating Butterfly: Give your cat the gift of using their natural hunting urges. This gift is a great way for your cat to feel loved and to be able to play out its energy.
  • Cat Scratcher Lounge: With catnip tucked inside, your cat will be addicted to scratching its claws here instead of your sofa!
  • Harmony Gold Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed: During this winter, your pup will sleep like a king in his cozy and comfy bed.
  • Geartist Cat Tunnel Maze: Your cat will enjoy hours and hours of fun in this pop-up maze that is created to give its curiosity a place to play.
  • Checkered Chewy Vuitton Handbag Dog Toy: Every posh puppy needs its own designer “handbag” they can chew on and provides it!
  • Bird Activity Center: This features a swing, rope walk, ladders, and a bell for your flying feathered friend!
  • Cat Castle: This elaborate condo allows your cat its own place to lounge, be curious, and bat at the ball toys as much as it needs.

Whatever type of pet you have, there are many gift options online or in your local pet supply store. If you need any other thoughts or ideas, or a great place to board your pet during your holiday travels, connect with Anasazi Animal Clinic today!


Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (12/12/2017)  frankieleon (Flickr)